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Ms. Say's Page


If Students Don't Have Access to internet, they can call 1.844.488.8398 during the school shutdown for FREE internet from Spectrum.

- From there, students log in with their school email and password

- This will allow you to access Zearn and Achieve3000



Remote Learning Assignment Sheet 

3/16 - 4/11

* If you don’t have the internet, please pick up a math packet lesson 25-30 at KLA. This comes with teacher instructions. 

  • ACHIEVE3000-Complete 4 total Achieve3000 articles at 75% or above.
  • HUMANITIES- Read “I Survived” Chapters 9-18 

*Students may pick up their “I Survived” packet from class or there will be an electronic copy for them to reference. Students can answer on a separate sheet of paper.