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Welcome to the KLA Performing Arts Homepage! Check out the Electives Website.

KLA offers a wide variety of options to engage student interests. Electives include band, guitar class, strings, ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. Students develop and practice skills and techniques within their chosen elective class. They display their talents throughout the year during performances and student displays. Many of our electives teachers are practicing professionals.

Below are a few department policies and guidelines.
Grading Categories:
Classwork 40%
Homework 10%
Projects 15%
Quiz 15%
Tests/Concerts 20%
Classwork 40%
Homework 5%
Performance/Projects 30%
Quizzes/Tests 25% 
Homework Policy: Homework is assigned on an as needed basis. Students are encouraged to practice skills learned in their individual elective class.
Late Work/Assignment Policy: Students may retake test and assessments to demonstrate growth and mastery of standards. Students have until the end of the grading period to make-up or improve assignments or work.