Keiller Leadership Academy

News and Announcements

KLA's COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP) [2/1/2021]

Here is KLA's COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP). This document encompasses the following elements: 1) Communication, 2) Identification/Evaluation of Hazards, 3) Investigation/Responding to Cases, 4) Correction of Hazards, 5) Training, 6) Physical Distancing, 7) Face Coverings, 8) Controls (Engineering, Administrative & PPE), 9) Reporting, Record Keeping, & Access, 10) Exclusion of COVID-19 Cases, and 11) Return to Work.

KLA's COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist [2/1/2021]

Here is KLA's COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. This checklist describes items such as stable group structures; entrance, egress, movement throughout the campus; face coverings; health screening for students and staff; healthy hygiene practices; physical distancing; testing of staff and students; identification & reporting of cases; and KLA's communication plans.

Keiller Leadership Academy Phase One Checklist [2/1/2021]

This checklist describes each of the requirements that schools (district, charter, and private) in San Diego County must include in their COVID-19 Prevention Plan before resuming in-person instruction. The following checklist is a means of evaluating the school’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan and demonstrating compliance with the state and county requirements.