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My name is Wei-Hsiu Huang, 黄唯琇. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I have been teaching Chinese at San Diego North County Chinese School for 7 years. This is my third year working at KLA. I am an SDSU Aztec and received my preliminary teaching credential through the Master of Education Program at National University. I look forward to having fun learning together with my students! 

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Chinese 2021-2022 Grade 6-8 Syllabus


Course Description

Chinese is the language that is the most spoken in the World! This year, you will build Chinese fluency in reading, speaking, listening, and writing through interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication. You will have lots of opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge of Chinese!

Learning new languages gives us different perspectives and connects us to different parts of the world! It also stimulates our brain and improves our memory. Besides, it is an extra skill that helps you to navigate in today's global society and makes you stand out in the job market! 



Class hours

M, Tu, Th, Fri - Period 3: 10: 21 AM-11:26 AM

Wednesdays - 


**Attendance is IMPORTANT! Absences will affect your learning progress and grades.




Missing Assignments

Students are responsible for all work missed during their absence.
All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.




Grading Policy



10pt. / day


2 pts. = Respectful - On time and ready to learn.

3 pts. = Achieving/Hardworking - Turn in assignments by the due date.

2 pts. = Respectful - Show respect to ourselves and others

3 pts. = Enthusiastic - Stay engaged and participate in-class activities.



Engage and participate in classwork/activities.

Homework / Classwork


Refer to each homework directions and rubrics. 

Quizzes / Tests


Demonstrate your knowledge.

Performance-Based Projects


Refer to each project's directions and rubrics.

Grading Scale


A= 90-100%      

B= 80-89.9%      

C= 70-79.9%      

D= 60-69.9%     

F= 59.9 and below


E (4.0) = Excellent  

G (3.0) = Good   

S (2.0) = Satisfactory  

N (1.0) = Need to improve 

U (0.0) = Unsatisfactory





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Thank you!