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MAY 2, 2016

 May 2, 2016
Quick Start: Get carpet squares and form "U" for class exercises
2 sets 12 push ups
2 sets 30 plank
2 sets 12 knee tucks
2 sets 15 squats
5 min interval run
Soccer Unit: small sided games
Focus: Creating Space, moving without the ball
How can you help create more space for a teammate when they have the ball?
How can you open up passing and shooting lanes for your teammates?

Winter Break Assignment
Fitness Log 10 days 60 minutes each of the days
Log your exercises!
If you lost handout use above picture to help you  recreate the log!

Spring Break 2015 Assignment

Exercise Intesity Sets Reps Type
Spring break assignment: 6 days of exercising 4 exercises each day.
Intensity: easy, medium, hard
How many sets and reps did you perform or give a time for how long you ran or performed an
activity. Type of exercise, was it muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardio respiratory or

Physical Education Break Packet

Perform 4 days of exercising consisting of 4 exercises.
Exercise Frequency Intensity Time Type Comments
Push ups sets/ reps/ or time med   Cardio, Muscular strength, flexibility I am getting stronger
Pull ups 2 sets 10 hard      
3x 50 yds
hard     this was the hardest part of my workout
Plank holds 2x 30s easy      

Hello Keiller Leadership Academy parents and students! My name is Paul Amorillo, I am excited for new students and challenges this year at KLA! For the 2013-14 school year I will be teaching Physical Education for 7th grade as well as a 6th grade section.This is my 7th year teaching here at KLA and I am excited to meet the new KLA students and see old faces. I am originally from New York and moved to San Diego in 2006. I graduated from Hoftstra University in 2001 with a Bachelors in Finance and received a Masters in Physical Education.
I practice what I preach! I would never ask you to do push ups or other exercises if I did not do them myself. When I am not at KLA I enjoy surfing, working out, soccer, yoga and staying active. I also enjoy listening to music or reading on my down time. I hope you learned a little bit about me, I look foward to learning about your hobbies and interests!