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Dear Parents,

As Executive Director of KLA, I want to WELCOME you to another exciting school year. I am honored and proud to be the director of such a quality school. During the 2012-13 school year, we opened KLA Primary, with new grades - kindergarten through 4th. KLA is now a K-8 school. KLA Primary uses the Montessori Method and strategies to meet the specific needs of our primary students. The KLA Primary has also adopted the “Character Counts” program to mold our students into respectful and responsible students that are prepared to enter our middle school as leaders. All KLA staff is committed to providing high quality instruction and a safe environment for our students to learn. We are determined to “Sweat the Small Stuff” to accomplish this. I firmly believe that KLA Secondary’s adopted REACH values; Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Citizenship and Hard work are necessary for each student and adult to be highly successful in this competitive world. The mission of KLA is to: “Create student leaders who value quality education and embrace their role as a contributing member of our diverse community”. This means that our students will leave KLA with a determination to improve our community, our city, state and country. The school culture and programs that are offered at KLA prepare students to be successful leaders of the future. The most valuable skill that a student will learn at KLA is to build a strong relationship of respect with others.

Educator Paul Houston in 2001 said this about educational leadership
“Leadership of the future will be about the creation and maintenance of relationships: the relationship of children to learning, children to children, adults to adults, and school to community.”


Joel Christman