Parent Involvement
Parent Involvement

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Hello and Welcome to all of you caring parents. My name is Eva Contreras. I have passionately dedicated one year to the students, parents, and staff of Keiller Leadership Academy and I am thrilled with my new responsibilities as Parent Involvement Director.

Our teamwork will benefit KLA in such a dramatic manner, I can hardly stand it. We (parents) are getting involved because we care enough to give. Your efforts will bridge the gap between schools and community. KLA will stand to protect, improve, and impact the entire Encanto Community with the time and effort that we will give to our children today.

As we start this journey as Parents-School-Community, I assure you the rewards you will receive are priceless. You will impact your child, many underprivileged children, KLA as a school and in the years to come the entire community of Encanto.

Welcome Leader, Role Model, Hero = KLA Volunteer!

I am always available for questions, concerns, doubts or issues. I can be reached at 619.263.9266 or Email

Thank you for your support.

Because I care,

Eva Contreras
Parent Involvement Director