KLA Secondary » Student Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Students are required to wear the school uniform to school everyday:


**School uniforms can be purchased at KLA from the ASB Student Store**


q Polo shirt – burgundy, navy blue, white, black

   *Exception: “Club t-shirt Friday”

-     shirts must be tucked in at all times

-     undershirts must be short sleeve and solid white

-     No tight shirts


q Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts

*Exception: “Jeans Day” for students that qualify

-  Classic style ONLY (welted pockets only)

-    Khaki color only and worn at the waist

-   No sagging nor blousing at the bottom

-   No rubber bands on pant-legs

-   No tight pants nor tight shorts


q Outerwear - KLA jacket, sweater, sweatshirt must be same as uniform colors and solid in color(white, navy, burgundy, khaki, black)

- Hoodless or have a detachable hood

* Outerwear is defined as long-sleeve and worn over polo shirt


q Solid Black shoes with solid black laces

-   No logos on shoes and laces

-   Must be properly (traditionally) tied


q Solid white socks - low cut


q Plain black belt w/ solid buckle

- must be silver, brass, or solid black  (no designs nor logos)

q Solid color backpack - blue or black ONLY


    (free of logos, writing, or graffiti)

q Jewelry - 1/4 inch-studded earrings ONLY

(no bracelets, watches, rings, body piercings, nor necklaces allowed)


q Hair accessories - must be same as uniform colors and solid in color  

     (white, navy, burgundy, khaki, black)


q No hats nor hoods of any kind are

    allowed on campus.  Bandanas, and hair   

    rags may not be worn at school.


q No logos, writing, nor graffiti on shirts, pants, shoes, backpacks

(with the exception of KLA logo)

-   clothing should be neat and in good repair


q No stickers, temporary tattoos, nor writing is allowed on body parts or clothing


**All KLA students must abide by the KLA uniform policy while on campus.  Loaners will be provided if deemed necessary. Uniform infraction = lunch detention